I offer the editing services below for books, dissertations, journals, whitepapers, blog posts, websites, press releases, reports, and other corporate communication pieces.

I specialize in the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th ed., and the AP Stylebook


Developmental Editing
Revises structure, flow, pacing, voice, and other “big picture” writing issues.

Substantive/Line Editing
Also considered a “heavy” copyedit. Focuses on sentence-level revision plus grammar,
syntax, word choice, fact-checking, tense, clarity, coherency, consistency.

Chiefly deals with mechanical issues (grammar, usage, punctuation, capitalization, spelling,
and other nuts and bolts of writing).

Checking a typeset final draft against the copyedited draft for inconsistencies. This is the
last stage of editing before a draft goes to print.

Nonfiction Editing

I specialize in editing content about the following nonfiction subjects:

  • Architecture
  • Sustainability, sustainable building, healthy buildings
  • Facilities management
  • Interior design (commercial and residential)
  • Website development, programming, design (front end, full stack, Javascript)
  • Home decor, home improvement, and lifestyle
  • Real estate and real estate investment
  • Pet care
  • Art history

In addition, I have the following interests and significant subject matter
knowledge: herbalism, gardening, farming, rural living, livestock (horses, chickens,
sheep), photography, travel, music, music genres (classical, alternative, classic rock,
electronic/ambient), sewing, crochet, furniture restoration, antiques, cooking, politics,
backpacking, running, half marathons, new age spirituality, exvangelicalism.


Susannah Noel, Editorial Arts Academy

Shawna Hampton took two copyediting courses with me: a six-week crash course on all things related to copyediting trade books, and a three-month small-group practicum, where she practiced editing on several manuscripts (two fiction, one memoir) and immersed herself in the finer points of the craft. Shawna is the rare student who seems to simply “get it.” By that I mean, she engaged with and then integrated the mountain of information I gave her and seemed to, rather effortlessly, turn it into editing gold, as though she’d been doing it for years. Her editing is adept, respectful, and intelligent. Shawna is also a creative thinker just brimming with outside-the-box ideas and inspiration. I have no doubt Shawna will be an enormous asset for any writer or publisher who teams up with Magic Words Editorial Services. I think she’s a little bit magic herself.


I edit fiction in the fantasy, horror, sci-fi, and speculative genres. Visit Magic Words Editorial Services for more information about packages and pricing.